Samara's Baked Goods

Customised Bake Consulation

250 SEK / In stock.

Want something tasty tailored for a special occasion?
Consult with Samara of Samara's Baked Goods to design a delicious and personalised bake of your choice!

This individualised service is currently only available in Stockholm, and includes a face-to-face meeting (1 hour maximum) either at your home, central café or similar, or online chat.

The final product will be created as a new product on Samara's Baked Goods so it will be available for you and others to enjoy!

This introductory price also includes a complimentary test bake of the personalised item; if a personalised item is not selected, the complimentary bake will be one of your choice from the product list (price limit: 150 SEK).
I am yet to learn Swedish, so this service is only available in English.

Production Time: 4 weeks
Please specify any dietary requirements and food allergies.

Terms and Conditions:
Samara's Baked Goods and Samara Dadey take no responsibility for any test bake products. Samara's Baked Goods, Samara Dadey, and reserve the right to use recipes, images, and experiences of processes, and any resulting products. The name and selling price of the resulting product is decided by Samara's Baked Goods. There is no obligation for the client or consulted party to purchase the resulting product. Identities and physical descriptions of clients and consulted parties will not be shared by Samara's Baked Goods, Samara Dadey, and without permission in writing from the clients or consulted parties or legal guardians of clients and consulted parties.