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Chewy Vegan Banana Cookies

200 SEK / In stock.

These chewy vegan cookies have a gentle banana flavour, which is complimented by either peanut butter or chocolate for a nut-free option.
Available as a frozen Ready to Bake option for those emergencies occasions, which also helps me control the amount I eat as I don't have a whole batch that absolutely require eating.
NEW VARIATION ADDED: Cake Cookie with LESS fat. This has the same great flavours as the popular Banana & Chocolate variation but with reduced fat for a chewy bite and soft cake texture on the inside.

Batch: 10 cookies
Storage: Baked - Up to  1 week in an airtight container; Frozen - up to 3 weeks in the freezer. Instructions for preparation provided with Frozen cookies.
Production Time: 72 hours' notice required per 4 batches.
Specify any dietary requirements and food allergies.