Samara's Baked Goods


Samara's Baked Goods was borne from my joy of baking and also the happiness it brings to my family, friends, and colleagues to eat my creations. The shop is all about getting home baked breads, cakes, cookies and biscuits in your own home with minimum fuss.

I grew up in a household that was constantly baking. We had fresh bread baked in eight-loaf batches, and gloriously decorated birthday cakes baked by my mother and various family friends.

The first thing I learnt to make was a fried egg. Once I successfully passed that test, I was upgraded to a Madeira cake. Being quite an experimental baker from the start, I was constantly leafing through my mum's rather odd collection of cookery books for new recipes to try. I found that, like my mother, I had quite a knack for baking, although I did not inherit her interest, talent, or artistic flair for icing and decoration. I put it down to a combination of my parents' disapproval of icing, and the simple awesomeness of that First Madeira Cake. Plus after only knowing the pleasure of home baked items, I never enjoyed the immaculate-looking shop-bought cakes as much as ones made at home.

I am a firm believer of developing baking skills in myself and others, as well as distributing information, so if there are recipes that you would like to see being created and perhaps be added to the product list, please get in touch. Also feel free to use the no-ties free Recipe Share product to request online recipes for a product sold by Samara's Baked Goods, which I will gladly share if I have used one from the Internet.

I only advertise items that I have confidence in recreating, so the more I practise, the more items will show up. There are no guarantees on aesthetics, and that is indeed part of the charm.

I hope you enjoy the flavours as much as my numerous taste testers have done.

Samara's Baked Goods puts cake where your mouth is!

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